Portugal Bike Value

Portugal was born to make.

It is in our origins, as a county from which we made a country, almost millenial. We were not known for being sailors, but we made new boats, types of sails and navigation instruments; we invented offshore navigation and globalised. We didn't have the greatest thinkers or sages, but we built the bridges with the main civilisations of the globe. We did not have the largest armies, but territories were given to us for our military achievements. We didn't invent bikes, nor did we start producing them, but we made this industry a national anthem.   For people that thrive on making, ingenuity is an art and this is what led us here, with ups and downs, with defeats and victories, but always filled with passion.   From 2015 we made the local, global and we were “Glocal”, doing locally and thinking globally. We invested, learned, built, collaborated, evolved and realised our passion for the world.   Ultimately, we did what had never been done before!   Now that we have succeeded in making ourselves the top exporter, we will do more. More technology, more flexibility, better environment, better quality, faster delivery and more knowledge.   We will keep on making!

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