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SIM – Sociedade Irmãos Miranda, Sa, founded in 1946, asserts itself in the market as a leader in lighting and reflectorisation. It produces a wide range of headlamps, taillights, projectors and reflectors with lamps or LEDs. SIM develops each product from the design, development and production of tools and molds, trials and testing to the production of each component and final assembly. Combined with a systematic total quality control, this enables the supply of products that satisfy even the most discerning customer. It also produces dedicated OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cabling systems. This combination of capabilities, combined with more than 70 years of experience, allows us to market products through a distribution network installed in over 50 countries, both in original equipment and in the After-Market. Technological evolution and perfect knowledge of the markets have been major factors in providing the company with modern and effective equipment in increasing the value of the product and reducing its cost. It has adopted a policy of sustained growth, investing in state-of-the-art technology, high quality standards, respect for the environment, investing in innovative products and specialising in its human resources. Exports account for 90% of turnover.
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Address SIM – Sociedade Irmãos Miranda, SARua do Brejo