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The world moves fast. Spinning each day, changing seasons, changing years of habits and decades of conventions. But not everyone sees change in the same light. Some shy away from it, sticking to routine, denying change until it becomes part of the mainstream. Others, those who greet innovation with a smile and refuse to be left behind, choose to keep up.

That’s how BEEQ was born. To keep up with the pace of modern life. To keep up with the pace of bike design. To keep up with new ways to tackle mobility. And to keep up with the urge to change the course of global warming.

BEEQ is a new way to face the future, because there are a lot of great things ahead, and that’s why we’ll keep up.

Every single part of your BEEQ is assembled with care and expertise, so that you can rely on unrivalled performance.

Agile and versatile. BEEQ is a perfect match for a busy city lifestyle. You’ll love flying through rush hour.

Looking good at high speed. That’s the spirit of BEEQ, a bike that manages to blend style and quality in equal measure.

At the top. That’s where BEEQ aims when it comes to quality standards. The best materials, the best design and the best manufacture.

What’s the best part about riding a bike? Riding. Letting go and enjoying the journey. That’s why BEEQ is designed with fun in mind.

That’s how BEEQ was born. to keep up with the pace of modern live. To keep up the pace of bike design. To tackle mobility and to change the course of Global Warming.

For those who refuse to be left behind. The ones who keep pedalling ahead of the crowd. The ones who care enough to find smarter ways to ride.
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